Folding Mountain Bikes

Foldable Mountain Bikes

Panlova is the home of the Folding Mountain Bike. We make the very highest quality folding hardtail and full-suspension MTB, designed to suit your lifestyle. All bikes are packed with premium features, so you can roam the countryside in comfort and confidence! Panlova make a range of frame styles to choose from. Do you have limited storage space? Would like a reliable bike that fits easily into the boot of your car?

Using the latest technology, combined with our own patented foldable mountain bike frame designs, our range of folding MTBs is second to none. All of our folding bikes are designed to make your life easier, without compromising on performance. Please feel free to browse our range to find your perfect bike. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Our Folding Mountain Bike Range

Ideal for caravan and camper van owners, our all-terrain folding bikes occupy minimal space when being stored or transported. Just pack your bicycle away when it is not being used. Ready to ride again? Clip the hinges back into place and you will be able enjoy the countryside once more!

As with all Panlova bicycles, the majority of our components are made in our very own factory. Our collapsible all-terrain range boasts excellent quality and reliability, so you can be confident wherever you go. Even the most demanding riders are surprised by our premium features, such as disk brakes and horst-link suspension. Our patented hinge technology means your bike will expand and fold-away with ease. When you are ready to store your bicycle, simply unclip our patented hinges and the bike folds to a fraction of its original size.

The Benefits of Folding Mountain Bikes

There are many benefits to owning a fold-up mountain bike. The ability to fold the bike gives great flexibility, allowing you to put the bike straight into the boot or trunk of your car. This avoids the need for a car-mounted cycle rack which can be expensive and awkward to fit. If you have an electronic tailgate on your vehicle, rear-mounted bicycle racks become obsolete, so you are restricted to roof-mounted versions which can often mean also having to invest in a roof rack too. Owning a folding bike means you can get on your way with ease – simply fold the bike up, put it into the car and off you go!

There is also the benefit of easier storage. Many of us living in urban areas do not have access to a garage, so having the ability to fold our mountain bike down to half its normal size is essential if you want to keep your house or apartment tidy. A folding mountain bike can be stowed away easily under the stairs, in a cupboard or porch.

Does A Folding Mountain Bike Compromise On Features?

The answer is simply, no. With Panlova, you can buy a foldable mountain bike with the choice of either full-suspension or hardtail frames. All our bicycles feature a comfortable padded saddle, reflectors, disk brakes and Shimano gears as standard. Most also feature mudguards and lights too. All of these features combine to give you a satisfying bike, that is capable of handling the very toughest terrain.

Flexible folding frames are stored and carried with ease. This gives you excellent performance without compromise. Our bikes are designed to suit your lifestyle, giving you greater freedom to explore. Unlike conventional fixed-frame bicycles, you won’t need a cycle rack to transport them. Simply fold up and place in the boot of your car as you travel from one adventure to the next.

Folding Mountain Bike Set-Up

It is possible your new bike may need minor assembly or adjustment to suit your individual riding style. Such adjustments may require tools, which are not supplied with the bicycle. Our bicycles are built using universally conforming parts, so you are likely to already have what you need in your own tool kit. Even supermarkets stock a range of tools that are suitable to help you adjust your foldable mountain bike, so the right tools are easily accessible.

If you are not comfortable doing this for yourself, please find a local bicycle engineer who will be able to set the bike up to your specific requirements. There are many great bike mechanics around the UK so it shouldn’t be a problem to find one near you. Many are independent, plus most bike shops also offer this as a service too. If you have any questions about Panlova bicycles, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Folding Mountain Bike Delivery

With free UK delivery and competitive shipping rates throughout Europe, getting hold of your new bicycle has never been simpler! We will dispatch your new bike the same day if purchased before 2pm. Orders placed after this time are likely to be dispatched the following day. We do our best to dispatch every order possible when the courier arrives to collect from us. With a huge inventory of bicycles in our Birmingham distribution centre, we deliver throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our checkout features most European delivery destinations as standard. If you are shopping with us from further afield, please feel free to get in touch. We will always do our best to find the most suitable shipping quote for you.

We courier our bikes in special shipping boxes to ensure your bicycle does not get damaged while on its way to you. Although we take every precaution we can, we are aware that accidents can happen. This is why we have a very fair returns policy to make sure your rights are protected.

Choosing The Correct Folding MTB For You

It is important when choosing a new folding MTB that you consider your own riding style and requirements. Those who need a bike for regularly riding on rugged terrain would be best choosing a full-suspension folding MTB as this will give you the best riding experience. However, those looking for a bike for more leisurely rides on country trails are more likely to require a hardtail foldable MTB. If you are looking for a folding mountain bike but are not too sure which of our range of folding bicycles is best suited to your needs, just ask a member of our team. We have a number of cycling experts who would be more than happy to chat through your requirements.

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